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Company Profile is a lending broker. This means that they don’t actually finance the loans they service, but rather they take the information from clients and shop around to find the best lender to fill the loan. The company is based at 249 N. Brand BLVD, #497 Glendale, CA 91203.


LendYou does not actually offer any type of loans. Instead, they will work with clients to find the right lending company to meet their specific needs. This broker service can be very helpful for many people since they will get access to many different lenders without having out to fill out a bunch of applications. LendYou will find a loan that you can qualify for with the best terms and display it for you to decide whether or not you want to proceed. They can help you find either personal loans or cash advance (payday) loans.

Loan Details

Since this is a loan broker and not an actual lender it is impossible to get the exact loan details ahead of time. LendYou works with many different lenders to ensure you get the best possible loan for your needs.

  • APR – The APR will be determined by the actual lending institution. The rates are typically between 200 and 1386% but could be outside of this range in some situations. The exact APR will be displayed for you before you agree to any loan so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Loan Amounts – The loan amounts offered for PayDay loans (cash advances) are between $100 and $1000 through
  • Loan Fees – LendYou does not charge any fees for finding you a lending company. Some lenders will have fees outside of the APR, which will be identified prior to you signing for your loan.
  • Late Penalties – The late penalties will be determined by the actual lending company that you are matched up with.
  • Options to Extend Loan – Since this company does not actually fill the loans you would have to work with the lending company to see if extensions are available. Most lenders today do offer refinancing or other extension programs as long as you put in your request at least 24 hours prior to the due date.
  • Length of Time to get Cash – You can get the money you need deposited into your checking account via ACH as soon as the next business day.
  • Fax Required – You are not required to fax any information to get approved through this company.

Personal Details Required

When applying for a payday loan you will need to provide your employment information, name, address, phone number and details about your income. You’ll also be required to provide your driver’s license number, social security number and checking account information where your payments will be drawn from. This is also where your loan funds will be deposited.

Service & Support

You can contact the customer service for LendYou through their online contact form or else give them a call at their toll free number 7AM PST - 6PM PST. It is important to note that once you actually have your loan you will not be working with LendYou any longer. Instead, you’ll need to contact the customer service team of the actual lender that filled your loan.

States Serviced

Since LendYou works with a wide range of different lenders they are able to serve people in most states. The following states, however, cannot be served through this company: Arkansas, New York, Vermont and West Virginia. If you live in any other state, you can apply to get a payday loan.


This is a good lending broker that has helped a lot of people get the money they need, when they need it. Their site is easy to work with and they seem to be able to fill just about any type of loan you might need.

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  • Work with Many Lenders
  • Easy to Apply
  • Available in Most States


  • Not an Actual Lender

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